About Us

Founded in 2003, Quantum is a transportation and logistics solution provider. A company, that delivers IT systems that are unique and the right fit for your organisation.

Our domain expertise comes from first-hand experience gathered across every rung of the ladder. Our specialists have real experiences in the processes that our systems are designed for and actual solutions for the many pain points our clients’ experience.

Every one of Quantum’s ERP and Business Intelligence solutions is focused on innovation, automation, integration and the elimination of manual and repetitive tasks. Resulting in a drastic improvement in the returns of our clients.

The most frequent expression our clients use to describe our projects is - “A Quantum Leap”!!


Our Vision

"Vision is rare, and is seen infrequently amongst men. Technology however, has allowed us to look beyond where man ever dreamed of, leaving no barriers to innovation.

The Hubble Telescope changed our complete perception of space and time and its enormity.

It established how small and insignificant we are - a Quanta, and the unimaginable depth of the universe that keeps on and on unfolding before light can even reach the telescope.

Conceptualising the Hubble Telescope and positioning it in space was true Vision.

Quantum is inspired, yet at the same time deeply humbled by this great invention and even greater thought concept. More than anything else, it calls on us to look beyond what is obvious and to innovate.

We are driven by the inevitability of change, and we are driven by the dramatic technology advances all around us.

Quantum has ambitious goals in terms of new technology and bringing about change in the industry. Change that makes us pause to consider and provoke thought.


Key Contributors

Arjun Vikram Singh

CEO, Quantum BSO & Tech

Arjun is driven by a vision to innovate and bring change through digital transformation in the Transport and Logistics industry, one that he has been closely associated with for over 43 years.

An ex Master Mariner, Arjun served with Norasia Line, the first container carrier to implement a fully integrated ERP system as early as 1993. This is where the process driven operations driven by integrated systems took root.

At the CSAV HQ, Arjun was the Senior Vice President for the dynamic Management Control Team, with responsibilities for Re-Engineering the Corporation, Global AP and AR, Strategy Portfolio for India and China, Global Cost Management and System Strategy.

The MCT designed, developed and implemented a fully integrated 22 Module on-line ERP system from Planning to Budget and rolled it out across all continents and 10,000 users.

At Quantum, Arjun provides Strategic Direction, Functional insight and busienss intricacies, and relationships that stretch the world over.

Muthuraj Subbian

General Manager- Technology Solutions

"Muthuraj is a PMP certified professional with 21+ years’ of managerial experience in the IT industry in program-managing large and complex multi-geography projects of web/ non-web applications with in-depth understanding of both business & technology at a strategic level.

In Quantum he is reponsible for the managing the Technology tower of the organisation. He has keen leadership instincts and has successfully managed a large and diverse team of project managers and software engineers to handle development and delivery of Quantum solutions. Muthuraj regularly mentors the team for technical skills, timely deliver, quality assurance, cost optimisation and risk mitigation.

Furthermore he has developed an in-house EAI tool that integrates with various other systems fo the client to create an operational data store. Additionally he has implemented web based ERP application with n-tier architectur having interfaces with other add-on applications."

Anthony Corbaz

Head of Marketing

Anthony is a professional with many skills, and being Swiss, his eye to detail is perfection personified. He came to Quantum with diverse experience in transportation, with over 12 years of working and living in many countries and different industries.

At Quantum, Anthony header Market and Sales Strategy, working closely on the product design and the go-to-market. He established strong relationships and cross sold product across client groups.

He earned his MBA in Lausanne, which he augmented with a Shipping Diploma and Portfolio Management. He is fluent in his native French, but also in English, Spanish and German, He is passionate about wine, and is a keen sportsman who is an expert skier, and plays Golf, Tennis and Football.

Currently, Anthony is a Vice president at Genpact in Switzerland.

Alok Sharma

Head of Sales, Europe

Alok Sharma was a Master Mariner and an Operations specialist before he came to Quantum, but he transformed in to the most dynamic Regional head and Sales Vice President.

Alok brought a personal touch to the European sales, and ensured he personalised each interaction to a level where the closings were quick and deep. He knew the products better than those that designed them, and took his region and the deliverables extremely personally.

His leaving Quantum to go and do an MBA was an immense loss, but established him as a true leader.

At the present time, Alok is the Senior VP of Business Development at Inatech, a leader in Energy procurement and Trading. He is a technology evangelists and regularly hosts webinars and shares insights into the leading challenges of the industry.

Shashank Mohan

Program Manager

Shashank was a core component of the Early Contributors to Quantum, and played a vital role in establishing the QMS and other technology process foundations.

He designed and developed Quantum’s system for global container lines – the Q-iLS – which was a 360 degree system from planning to results. This also served as the foundation for quantum’s other ERP systems for Feeder Operators (Q-FLX), NVOCC’s (Q-NVO) and Freight Forwarding (Q-FOR).

Shashank at the current time is the COO and Chief Mentor at We- XeL Services.

Hariharan Panimalai

Quantum - Chief Technology Officer

Hari was Quantum’s first CTO, and brought to Quantum his enormous experience and calm and set the standards of a high expectation Quality Process and the strength of DevOps.

Coming aboard when there were a handful of core people at the Company, Hari established the CMMI 3 certification program, various management initiatives and established a far reaching program for product credibility.

Hari was an IISc Graduate with a Masters from IIM (B) and the company greatly benefited from his insight.

Hari is currently the Co-Founder & EVP at ZeeSense Systems.

Kishore Korrapati

Project Manager

Kishore is our resident Liner shipping subject matter expert. His strong focus on understanding client needs and solution focused operating style has enabled us to successfully implement over 30 projects globally.

He is the on-site head for comissioning of software and concluding gap list and enhancements. Kishore's strong client focus and in-depth mastery of the domain, has allowed Quantum to reach new heights, in terms of customer centricity.

Satish Babu

Technical and Solutions Architect

Satish is Quantum’s Business Intelligence guru, his broad and deep experience in data warehousing, knowledge of various Microsoft technologies, design development and implementation has helped Quantum develop cutting edge Business intelligence solutions.


Quantum was established with a vision to conduct our business in a way that not only met, but also exceeded the expectations of our customers, business partners, and shareholders.

In order to do this, we partnered with professionals with integrity, who had the respect of their peers, and shared a common vision.

We chose to run the company in collaboration with both potential customers and our partners. The results we attained were stellar.

Through our partners, we ensure Quantum is not just a voice on the phone. They have long-term and sincere relationships, built over countless face-to-face interactions and collaborations.

Dialogue ensures empathy and a collaborative perspective. It builds trust and confidence that we share our partners’ interests and will always deliver. Have a talk with one of our partners. Share in our vision.


At Quantum your contributions can have a global impact and we are always on the look out for people that view the world differently.

If you have an obsessive eye for detail, if you live and breathe quality and have a drive to succeed in a high performance environment. Then we want to hear from you.