Future Proofing your tomorrow

Why pick Quantum's BI

Our solutions are uniquely designed to fit the specific needs of individual verticals within the transportation industry. However at the same time they are out of the box solutions that can be quickly deployed.

The maxim data is the new oil has never been more true than today. Getting insights in real time can be the difference between life and death for an industry where razor thin margins are the norm.

Gain the ability to view data from a macro and micro POV, this helps the management gain an overview of all operations but also allows regional managers unparalleled insights into local operations as well.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning maybe buzzwords to some but we utilise proprietary algorithms in our solutions so that their efficiency scales over time. As the number of data points increase over time, so will the accuracy of our predictive simulations

All our BI solutions are built on Power BI which has been consistently rated as the market leader in the Gartner Analyst report. Gain real time insights to make timely decisions.

Why Pick Quantum's ERP

Our highly integrated and automated ERP systems guarantee a single source data entry, elimination of error, and seamless process completion. UI and UX that have been designed by experts ensure minimal effort in completing tasks.

Highly evolved business logic assist in “auto-complete” and “auto-process”. Our internal workflows make for a cohesive workplace by eliminating bureaucracy while retaining control.

Architected and designed for tomorrow’s business needs, the functionality delivered solves enduring problems with ease.

Our ERP solutions aim to eliminate manual processing and duplication, and automate all communication between different entities. Our advanced system messaging builds a communication bridge between all parties in real time across all transactions.

Quantum’s solutions are built on the latest technology (angular.js and dotNET 4.5) on a very robust database that gives exceptional performance.

Quality Assurance

Quality means everything to us at Quantum. Our experts work in close collaboration with the technical team to build resilient, stable, robust and reliable software.

Every product runs through multiple rounds of stringent testing processes to ensure that only the best is delivered to the customer.

Some of the quality assurance strategies that we deploy are:

  1. Test driven development

  2. Unit testing

  3. Surface testing

  4. Peer testing

  5. Domain testing

  6. Performance testing

  7. Integration testing

Our quality management system has been strategically built to identify defects very early in the development cycle. We have clearly defined metrics, measures and practices to deal with defects during every phase of the product. We are proud of our established SDLC, delivery, release and change management processes that make customer deliveries a real cake walk.

Delivery Process

1. Project Management Methodology

Quantum has a detailed Project Management methodology for delivering the product to the customer. Once a customer is engaged, Quantum assigns a Delivery Manager to the project. The delivery manager works with the customer to develop a detailed plan which will include all the activities related to the solution implementation.

2. Product Deployment

Our products can be deployed in either a cloud based environment or on an ‘on premise‘ environment. We support the customers in identifying the hardware and software required to be procured by the customer for an ‘on premise’ installation. Quantum has a dedicated cloud hosting server which can be used for deployment on the basis of the customer’s needs. We provide all the training required for the customer’s System administrator to ensure that backup and troubleshooting are done in an ‘on premise’ hosting.

3. Training

Quantum provides all the training required for the users to use the products. The training ranges from Super User Training, Key User Training and End User Training. By the end of the training, we ensure that all the users are familiar with all the business scenarios of the product, and they can start using the system immediately.

4. Customization

Our products are compliant with most standard business processes followed in the shipping industry around the globe. The experience with our customers indicates that customization required for adapting our product to the business is very limited. If the customer needs any change, the flexibility of the product means that it can be implemented easily. We have a detailed process for handling the customization requirement and delivering it to the customer.

5. Support Process

Quantum believes that a strong and efficient support process is essential for maintaining a satisfied customer. We have a tested process which is on par with the industry best practices. We have a dedicated support team which is accessible any time to help the customer in resolving their issues. We work on strict SLA’s to ensure that any customer issues are resolved on time.

Quantifiable returns that you can visualize before you even start.

What our proposals include:

  • No hidden charges or fine print

  • Cover every eventuality

  • A project cost assessment that is rarely off the mark

Our pricing models are flexible and adaptable for your every need. We offer:

  • Cloud Hosted Models on Monthly Subscription

  • On premises and perpetual licensing

We work with your unique needs to achieve a win-win situation. Our products accumulate learning with every delivery that we do, across multiple different transportation verticals

Each new version incorporates these insights to provide you with free of cost upgrades that boost your operational efficiency.

Collaborating with our clients’ means everything to us. Almost all our products were developed with active participation from our first cornerstone customer.

This kind of collaboration helps us achieve a greater depth of learning while bequeathing our client a significant financial advantage. The Quantum motto is and always will be- On time; without defects and no cost over-runs.

And we have the references to back it up.